COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 Research Projects at MSU

May 12, 2020         



Brett Etchebarne, Yuki Harada
Isothermal amplification for rapid diagnostics.

Jack Lipton, Caryl Sortwell
Digital droplet PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 in low viral load specimens.

Rajan Dewar
Early detection and statewide testing.

Eric Achtyes 
Implementing COVID-19 related vaccine studies in Grand Rapids.



Emily Greeson, James Klausner
Stability of N95 masks after sterilization.

Mike Mandella (adjunct faculty)
Low cost accessible ventilator designs.

Cody Pinger
3-D printing of face shields.

Bryan Smith, Mark Worden
New ventilator designs by the BioDesign Program.

Eric Achtyes
Potential to test residents of adult foster care homes and residential substance use treatment.

Bengt Arnetz
How to provide kits to homes and what kinds of skills are needed to administer them. How to manage patients to prevent the spread of infection and to alleviate the need for hospital beds.

Robert Quinn
Relationships between COVID-19 clinical outcome with the airway microbiome and metabolome.

Dana Spence
Predisposing factors that may increase risk of COVID-19 after infection.

Donna Wang, Ling Wang
ldentifying genetic factors associated with COVID patients’ severity.



Nigel Paneth, Joseph Gardiner
Trials using convalescent serum to treat COVID-19 patients.

Yonghui Zheng
SARS-CoV-2 spike protein/pseudo-type project.

Bruce Uhal, Yonghui Zheng, Tom Dexheimer, Joseph Nichols
Targeting ACE2 for blocking entry of SARS-Cov-2 virus

Jeff MacKeigan
Therapeutic targeting autophagy and the lysosome (hydroxychloroquine) for SARS-CoV-2.

Andre Bachmann
Collaborating on DMFO-mediated inhibition of viral replication.


Michael Bachmann, Mark Reimers
Development of novel therapeutics based on plant compounds.

Said Omar, Masamitsu Kanada
Placental mesenchymal stem cells and placental-derived exosomes as a potential therapy.

Ping Wang
In vivo tracking of inhaled ACE2 targeting theranostic nanodurgs using magnetic particle imaging.


Paul Coussens
Improve cells for vaccine production and testing coronavirus production.

Dohun Pyeon and Xuefei Huang
Developing novel vaccine program.

Xuefei Huang
Carbohydrate based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2.

Erik Shapiro
Chitin-based polymer nanoparticles as vaccine delivery and/or drug delivery to the lungs.



Aitor Aguirre
Heart organoids to study effects of SARS-CoV-2 on cardiomyocytes.

Judith Lin
Capacity building of Telehealth for management of patients with chronic vascular disease

Morteza Mahmoudi
Portable magnetic levitation system for rapid fatal cardiac risk assessment.

Supratik Rayamajhi, Adesuwa Olomu, Al-Abcha, Cherian, Oladeji, L Wang
Retrospective analysis of cardiovascular outcomes in patients with COVID-19.



Dawn Misra
Developing a biostatistic database for Ascension Providence Hospital, emphasis on racial disparity.

Dawn Misra, Ken Rosenman
MDHHS proposal for COVID mortality review.

Rayamajhi, CI- Tatineni, Kherallah, L Wang
COVID-19 mortality review in a large community teaching hospital.

Andrew Bender
Collaborator on COVIDiSTRESS study, a global online survey on attitudes and stress responses.

Claudia Holzman, Lixin Zhang
Modeling to communicate to the public risks of alternative approaches to food shopping.

Gustavo de los Campos
Establishing a longitudinal cohort for the study of COVID-19.

Jean Kerver, Nigel Paneth
COVID-19 related surveys to ECHO funded pregnancy cohorts, ARCH and MARCH.

Kelly Hirko, Jean Kerver  
Advances in telehealth approaches at local hospitals in response to COVID-19 crisis.

John P Verboncoeur, Gustavo de los Campos
Supply Chain risks and vulnerabilities.

Eric Achtyes (Lena Brundin, John Mann)
Covid-19 related anxiety of inflammatory biomarkers in depressed and suicidal patients.

Said Omar
National registry for perinatal COVID-19 infections.

Kelly Strutz
Characterizing COVID-19 disparities and outcomes among Medicaid births in a highly-impacted State.

Data Science and Modeling

Bin Chen
Collaboration with UT Austin for a COVID-19 dashboard.

Jeremy Prokop
Rapid screening tools for genetic variants connected to COVID-19.

Gustavo de los Campos
Machine learning algorithms to detect risks and vulnerabilities along a supply chain.

Kathleen Oberst, Zhehui Luo, Kevin Brooks
Assisting local hospitals with their electronic medical record data to conduct predictive analytics to inform their planning/response to a COVID-19 patient surge.



Zhen Qui
Optical detection of SARS-CoV-2 is human samples.

Debajit Saha, Erik Shapiro
Effect of COVID-19 on sense of smell and identifying early indicator of the disease.

Irene Xagoraraki
Viral concentration in influent wastewater sampling.

Kurt Zinn
Imaging viral induced fibrosis.


Medical Education

Randi Stanulis, Ann Austin
Educational training and effective standards for telehealth practices with a particular focus on attending to issues of health disparities in telehealth.