COVID-19 Funded Research Projects at Michigan State University

April 19, 2022

Below are examples of funded research projects at MSU from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, Foundations, or generous Donors. 

MSU-MI-SAPPHIRE Genomic Surveillance Proposal
Victor DiRita, Carolyn Holden, Jack Lipton

COVID-19 Mortality Review Support (Amendment #2 - extra funds)
Dawn Misra

Translating Neuroscientific Stress Research to Address Covid-19-induced Cognitive Disorders
Bengt Arnetz, Judith Arnetz, Scott Counts

Wastewater Surveillance at the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) and at Select Locations in Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland Counties: SARS-CoV-2 and Variant
Irene Xagoraraki

Biological Roles of Forkhead Box C1 in Pelvic Endometriosis
Gregory Burns, Bin Chen, Asgerally Fazleabas, Stacey Missmer

COVID-19 pandemic impacts on families with young children in the context of the Flint Water Crisis: Potential buffering through universal strengths-based parenting support
Lauren O’Connell, Vicki Johnson-Lawrence

Prevention Research Center of Michigan - COVID Supplement
Carolyn Holden, Richard Sadler, Heatherlun Uphold

Organizational Impact of the Covid Pandemic: Scientific Findings and Lessons Learned
John Hollenbeck

Balancing the Need for Disinfection and Chemical Safety
Anthony Oliveri, Melissa Millerick May

COVID-19 Mortality Review Support
Dawn Misra

COVID Health Ambassador
Cheryl Eschbach, Dawn Contreras, Erin Moore, Erica Tobe

COVID-19 Impact on Learning
Katharine Strunk

Safe Return to Work Policies, and Mitigate or Prevent COVID 19 Outbreaks in Various Industrial Sectors
Kenneth Rosenman, Ling Wang

Y21 Improving and Expanding Educational Messaging Around Vaccination with Michigan’s Youth and Families through Trusted Messengers and MSU Extension Networks
Erica Tobe, Dawn Contreras, Erin Moore, Cheryl Eschbach

Enhanced collection and used of industry & occupation surveillance data for COVID-19 and other conditions
Kenneth Rosenman, Ling Wang

The National Network to Innovate for COVID-19 and Adult Vaccine Equity (NNICE)
Carolyn Holden

FY 2021 COVID-19 Related Rapid Response for Fish Producers and Charter Fishing Industries.
Heather Triezenberg

Returns at Risk: COVID-19 and Girls' Education in Malawi
Alyssa Morley

MI Diaries: Building an Infrastructure for Longitudinal Data Collection
Elizabeth Sneller

In vivo tracking of inhaled ACE2 targeting theranostic nanodrugs delivery to the lungs using magnetic particle imaging          
Ping Wang

Development of a vaccine informatics system and its application to identifying the impact of vaccine debate on immunization rates during a global pandemic     
Young Argyris

Collaborative Research: Disruption and Resilience in Healthcare Routines Following Adverse Events
Brian Pentland

Acute and chronic immune precision medicine program at Spectrum Health centered on COVID-19
Jeremy Prokop

COVID-19 vaccination and menstrual health
Stacey Missmer

Menstrual health during the Covid-19 pandemic: A longitudinal study among young people with and without endometriosis 
Stacey Missmer

COVID-19: Addressing Social Isolation
Jaime Demott

Consequences of COVID-19: Post-COVID Symptoms and Management 
Horng-Shiuann Wu

Creativity in the Time of COVID-19: Art as a Tool for Combating Inequity and Injustice
Natalie Phillips, Julian Chambliss, Nancy dejoy, Divya Victor

Enhancing the Teacher-Curriculum Relationship in Problem-Based Classrooms by Connecting Teacher and Student Digital Collaborative Environments
Elizabeth Phillips, Kristen Bieda, Alden Edson

Culturally-targeted Communication to Promote SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Testing in Saliva: Enabling Evalutation of Inflammatory Pathways in COVID-19 Racial Disparities
Todd Lucas, Ahnalee Brincks, Carolyn Holden, Nicole Jones, Kent Key, Maria Lapinski-LaFaive, Nigel Paneth, Douglas Granger

Inclusive Teaching & Learning in COVID
Bryan Beverly

Prenatal Exposures and Child Health Outcomes: A Statewide Study
Nigel Paneth, Sarah Comstock, Andrea Cassidy-Bushrow, Rebecca Knickmeyer-Santelli, Kimberly McKee, Michael Petriello, Lixin Zhang

Army Workspace
David Frayer

RAPID:Responding to COVID-19 Challenges in Preparation of Future of Work
Sinem Mollaoglu, Richard Deshon; Kenneth Frank; Jiliang Tang; Hanzhe Zhang

KCP Virtual Summer Experience 2020
Paulo Gordillo

Continuation Proposal for the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Year 5 – Additional support for Flint Community Schools
Bryan Beverly

COVID-19 follow-up
Nigel Paneth

COVID-19 Mortality Review
Kenneth Rosenman

Using Humanitarian Engineering to Solve Social Distancing Barriers in Refugee Humanitarian Interventions: A Cross-Country Comparison of Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan
Stephanie Nawyn

AI-based Repositioning of Existing Drugs for COVID-19
Guowei Wei

Support for the Website
Nigel Paneth

Digital Senior Companionship Program
Clare Luz

SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater for Prediction of COVID-19 Temporal and Spatial Fluctuations in Detroit City and Wayne, Macomb and Oakland
Irene Xagoraraki

Data-Driven Public Health Strategies and Policies to Mitigate COVID-19 Disparities
Dawn Misra

Infection Control Training for Direct Care Workers
Clare Luz

Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic and Related Policy Responses on Fish Supply Chains in all Six Geopolitical Zones of Nigeria
Lenis Liverpooli-Tasie

EGLE SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater Pilot Project
Erin Dreelin

Strong Beginnings- COVID Rapid Response Initiative
Leeanne Roman

Data-Driven Public Health Strategies and Policies to Mitigate COVID-19 Disparities in Flint and Genesee County
Carolyn Holden

Scientific Animations Without Borders-RAPID Scaling Program
Barry Pittendrigh

Health Team CARES Act Provider Relief Fund General Distribution ($30 Billion)
Seth Ciabotti

Tracking COVID in wastewater: A Global Data Center
Joan Rose

Comprehensive Economic Recovery Initiative (CERI)
Rex Lamore

Collaborative Proposal: MSB-FRA: A Macrosystems Ecology Framework for Continental-scale Prediction and Understanding of Lakes
Kendra Cheruvelil

SARS-CoV-2 in Detroit: Surveillance and Prediction
Irene Xagoraraki

RAPID: Integrative Analysis of Multi-omics Data to Understand ACE2 Regulation and Cytokine Storm
Christina Chan

RAPID: The Impact of Norms and Emotions on Social Distancing During COVID-19
Monique Turner

RAPID: The Changing Nature of Work: Dynamic Reconfiguration and Visualization in the Context of Covid-19 Contact Tracing
John Hollenbeck

Mechanisms Underlying Resilience to Neighborhood Disadvantage (Administrative Supplement)
Sybil Burt

Centers of Excellence COVID
Wanda Lipscomb

Misinformation, Patchy Knowledge and Polarization During a Dynamically Evolving Crisis
Johannes Bauer

Synergistic Integration of Topology and Machine Learning for the Predictions of Protein-ligand Binding Affinities and Mutation Impacts
Guowei Wei

Understanding Breastfeeding Practices Among ECHO Cohort Participants Before and During/After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Jean Kerver

Flint Tipping Points Funding: Understanding the Emergency Food System at Times of Emergency
Steven Gray

MSU COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project
Nigel Paneth

Social stressors and inflammation: A mixed methods approach to preterm birth - Administrative Supplement
Dawn Misra

High-Throughput COVID-19 Testing at Ford Facilities
Brett Etchebarne

RAPID: The Roles of Organizational Contextual Factors in Worker Reactions to COVID-19
Chu-Hsiang Chang

RAPID: Dashboard for COVID-19 Scientific Development
Bin Chen

COVID-19 Preparedness for Agricultural Operations in Michigan
Anthony Oliveri

Pandemics and Migrant Precarity: North-South Dialogues
Soma Chaudhuri

MSU Tollgate COVID 19 - 2020
Michael Mathis

Purchase Motivation and Satisfaction with Gardening Purchases during COVID-19 Isolation and Their Effects on Likelihood to Buy Again
Bridget Behe

Political and Health Information Seeking
Johannes Bauer

Covid-19 Pediatric Public Health Initiative
Mona Hanna-Attisha

Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 in Detroit Wastewater
Irene Xagoraraki

RAPID: Collaborative Proposal: A RAPID Response to Justice-involved and Community Adolescents’ and Parents’ Experiences During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Caitlin Cavanagh

RACE, COVID-19, and Health Outcomes Among Individuals Born Preterm
Madeleine Lenski